Wednesday, December 12, 2018

2019 Rules Addendum For The Northwest Super Late Model Series

Via NSLMS Media

1. The new Five Star Gen 6 Body that is currently unapproved by the ABC Body Committee, will be allowed for competition in the NWSLMS for 2019 season. Cars base weight will be 2,850lbs.
* Body must be installed per Five Star installation instructions.
* Body cannot be modified in any way.
* Body must fit all templates.

2. The ABC approved body from Five Star or AR Bodies (OLD BODY) will receive a 50lbs. weight break for all tracks the NWSLMS competes on, all cars with the ABC Approved bodies base weight will be 2,800lbs.

* This weight reduction will be held in place thru all of 2019, with the hopes that the ABC Committee, Five Star, & AR Bodies will find a resolution and introduce a unified ABC approved body for competition that ensures one common body design, with aero dynamic parity, affordable to every team no matter what kind of funding they have, and offered by multiple suppliers.

Motor Rules Changes
3. Cope Sealed 604 Crate Motors - Base Weight Changed to 2,750lbs. Motor subject to tear down or dyno at team’s expense to determine compliance to the yellow book.

Weight Deductions for 2019 allowed to reduce the cost of racing: You may choose only one of the following weight deductions at any event:

1. Spec Shock Rule, (-50 lbs.). Can use any twin tube, non adjustable shock with a maximum cost of $200 manufactures retail cost. Must use on all four corners to get weight break. Must provide series invoice of cost of shocks when requested by series.

2. Spooled Rear-End, (-50 lbs.). If you run a spooled locked rear-end you will receive this weight break.
* Must be Solid.
* Rear-end subject to left bell removal at the track for inspection by officials.